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CartCMDR has created an extensive list of cartridges/casings and some information for each of those - great information for ammunition (ammo) collectors, crafters, enthusiasts and reloaders.

This list doesn't cover every, or wildcat casings, but it does list a majority of the common U.S. caliber casings that you will likely come across and some that you will likely never see. There are often new calibers created - called "wildcats" (when not created directly from a cartridge manufacturer). And there are other calibers which don't get popularity or, other cartridges that have been invented which out perform others, so some calibers seem to fade away and disappear. The list is of known calibers and casings at the time of creating this page (2021).

If you don't see the caliber you're looking for, please email us; we will research the caliber in question and look at adding it to our list. This is in no way a list of calibers that we deal with, it is simply an educational/research page.

The information within this list came from our own research/studies, or from others such as; manufacturers, SAAMI requirements, etc.

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