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empty 12 gauge headstamps end caps heads DIY craft supply
dimensions empty 12 gauge headstamps end caps heads DIY craft supply

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Headstamps End Caps | Mixed mfg BRASS/GOLD + NICKEL/SILVER -color | DIY Craft Supply for Bullet Jewelry, Steampunk Crafts, Magnets, etc.

Cartridge Commander
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DIY craft supply for making bullet jewelry, steampunk crafts, magnets, etc.

  • Mixed Brands
  • Brass/Gold & Nickel/Silver-color
  • 12 Gauge

If you make Bullet Jewelry, Bullet Art, or even Steampunk crafts, these empty headstamps are what you need! Perfect for that county/western, shooter enthusiast look - and the mixed brands/colors allow you to create a variation of each product!

We offer these in packs of 10, 25, 40 or 100, unpolished or polished, with or without primers. This allows you multiple ways to order them so your order is tailored to your needs, saving you time on your projects or products!

~7/8" width (across the face) and ~25/32" inside width

These are a supply/wholesale item so they fit our company processing times. When your total order of items are;

  • Under 100 pcs; 3-5 business days
  • Over 100 pcs; 5-7 business days
  • Over 200 pcs; 10+ business days

*Excludes holidays/observations (when shippers are closed).*

Shipping times (in-transit) vary & depend on the weather as well as the status of the carrier. You can/should check their site for any possible delays.

We would love to see the end result of your work!
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Carol A.
Pineapple grenade!

You never failed to send me the best products! Thank you!
Military inspired! 12 gauge shotgun, shell head stamp! Bling!

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