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Here at CartCMDR, we believe education is key to most things in life. Not just the little things like a "clip" vs "magazine", or understanding that "AR" stands for "Armalite Rifle". But with bigger things; history, safety, etc. So, welcome to the educational section where we bring you various educational elements tied to the firearm industry such as;
Cartridge information, Cartridges/Casings, Designers/Inventors/Gunsmiths, and blogs/vlogs.

  • Want to know more about cartridges, such as the types of cartridges, terminology and the components that make them up? You can see that list HERE.

  • Have you ever wondered what calibers/casings exist? We wanted to share with you the vast list of firearm cartridge casings. You can see the list of cartridge casings HERE.

  • Designers/Inventors/Gunsmiths - These are some of the great people that have helped bring us to where we are with some of the creations we have today. You can see the list of those people HERE.

  • Blogs/Vlogs can be found HERE.


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