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Box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
Box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
24-pack box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
75-pack box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
200-pack box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
450-pack box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
900-pack box of empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors
Empty 12 gauge shotgun shells / hulls, mixed colors

12 gauge shotgun shells empty hulls - MIXED colors - DIY craft supply | Shot Gun Hulls Casings Ammo Spent Fired Used Cartridges

Cartridge Commander
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Looking for 12 ga. empty shotgun shells for making shooting craft décor, shotgun shell wreaths, Christmas lights, country/shotgun shell wedding boutonnieres, or the hundreds of other items possible? CartCMDR has got you covered!

These are authentic, once-fired, mixed colors/brands, 12GA shotshells.

They ship out to you in 1-3 business days.

Note about delivery; These are boxed loose, in boxes up to 13 inches square. Keep an eye out for them on the day of delivery so you can accept them/get them inside asap.

Looking for other colors? Check these out
12 ga. Green hulls
12 ga. Maroon hulls
12 ga. Mixed Color hulls
12 ga. Red hulls
12 ga. Translucent Blue hulls
12 ga. Translucent White hulls

These casings/hulls are sold for crafting purposes (bullet jewelry, decorative designs, trench art, etc.) and not for making ammo/ammunition. These are NOT live or primed ammunitions. They are spent casings/hulls that contain NO explosive chemical(s), NO gunpowder, NO projectiles ("bullets"), etc. They can NOT explode, go off, etc. even if thrown into a fire!

Empty casings/hulls are not intended for use as ammo, or food/drink use.
Keep away from babies and small children.
Due to the item itself, these can not be shipped internationally at this time.
There could be dents, dings, very light color changes or other very small defects. They are boxed by count, with a few extra thrown in.
*once-fired is an industry term

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Customer Reviews

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Plane Gremlin
Cartridge CEO Greg is not only offering a fun and fabulous product here, but he is fab fellow

Ladies & Gents, forget the rest of the bullet heads--the cartridge commander is the only true gig around. if you desire personailzed service, a great deal and an excellent bunch of spent cartriges, greg is your man. He even washes the casings before shipping. I detect not a hint of gunpower in my order. That is key for a filmmaker when fabricating movie props and other art pieces. clean cartridges means less work for me + time saved + back to production much more expeditiously. Greg even offered an hour phone time to discuss my film's needs, gave a bullet history lesson and wrote a personal note. Imagine a proprietor using a real phone for real communication these robotic, disconnected days... Now THAT is sound business practice in an age where few business could give a rat's sack about customer satisfaction. (*See one of those too-big-to-care ceo's below)

Many accolades and thank yous to the cartridge commander!

Shawn Welles Linzey

Bad shipping

I payed for it to come in 3 days but it’s been a week and it still hasn’t arrived

Jerry S.
fast shipping

I was pleasantly surprised that my order shipped the same day that I placed it. The arrival date was a day later than the estimated delivery date. when tracking the order there was a note from the carrier that the order was delayed due to the weather . This was no fault of the supplier and at the time the whole country was having some extreme bad weather. the supplier exceeded expectations, I'm very happy with the product, will definitely reorder if needed.

Gloria V.
Perfect 👍

These are just amazing, the assortment of colors are perfect

Scott W.
Empty hole review

Work perfit love it

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