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About Us

Cartridge Commander (CartCMDR) creates high quality, real bullet (cartridge) items as well as bullet slice/supplies for bullet art, bullet jewelry, steampunk, etc. We have a vast inventory that is strategically cleaned & stored for your use. We are passionate about our country & the Second Amendment. So we strive to bring you the best products - products for those that are patriotic, veterans, hunters, shooting enthusiasts, bikers, etc!

We know what it's like to spend money on something, then to have it break shortly after - or find out that it was created in some third-world country yet priced otherwise. So we value quality, American-made, worthy items & that's exactly what we bring to you - at a reasonable price!

Cartridge Commander's mission is to create great bullet items & supplies to help show support of the People's right; the Second Amendment. During that process, we want to support the people that helped build & keep our country safe - Veterans & First Responders. So we give those folks a discount - but that's not all! CartCMDR is always looking for good charities which help those who need help. Which means, if a charity spends most of its funds to pay their CEO instead of helping those who need help (Veterans, citizens, etc), it's not who we want to donate to.

Designers, artists & crafters have issues getting & making bullet crafting supplies, especially since some states make ammunition harder to acquire. This holds true for retail bullet products (gifts) as well. Not only are the supplies hard for some people to get, the knowledge & tools required aren’t quickly learned skills nor cheap to acquire.

Cartridge Commander works with people & businesses all over this great country of ours to get our casings & we recycle everything we can. So we’re helping keep the ranges/shooting clubs & landfills cleaner!

We serve thousands of artists, designers & customers all over the world! By creating these supplies for you, we not only save you time (which allows you to get other things done), we have almost a century of combined team experience running the machines required to make these items & the knowledge to create quality items that customers tell us time & time again, how much they absolutely love!

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