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10-pack of .50 caliber BMG thin cut bullet slices for DIY jewelry craft supplies
.50 BMG brass thincut bullet slices, mix mfg, 10-pack
.50 BMG brass thincut bullet slices, mix mfg, 10-pack

.50 BMG brass thincut bullet slices, mix mfg, 10-pack

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When you want one of the most powerful caliber civilian rifles, you get the 50 caliber BMG! It is also a very common military round. Due to the cost and availability of these rounds, these slices are LIMITED quantity. We will have them available as often as we can!

10-pack of .50 BMG thincut bullet slices that have been fired/shot & have textured backs. The textured back is ideal as it allows adhesives to stick better & you do not have to prep each one before gluing them!

They can be purchased as unpolished or polished & with the spent primer or without (deprimed). Perfect for making jewelry (bullet earrings, bullet necklaces, pins/tacks, bullet bracelets, bullet rings, buckles, etc.). They can be glued to metal, wood, plastic, cloth or any other thing you want, to create any bullet project you can think of!! You could use the hole in the deprimed slices for crystals, tying, etc. Create great gift ideas for any country guy/gal, veteran, hunter, shooting enthusiast, biker, even great for steampunk art!

All of our bullet brass goes through a multi-stage cleaning process, (as well as polishing & buffing if chosen) before it is shipped out.

0.802" (103/128") (20.37mm) wide x 3/32" (approx. 2mm) thick. (Each shell can vary a few thousandths).
Primer hole (if ordering as deprimed): 0.305" (39/128") (7.74mm).

Please allow up to five (5) business days per hundred to process & make your order before shipping - as each shell slice is made per your order. We know this slows down the process some, but it increases the quality!

Shipping times (in-transit) vary & depend on the weather as well as the status of the carrier. You can/should check their site for any possible delays.

Should a problem arise & we agree on a return/exchange, you will need to contact us once you receive your order (the email address will be in your package). Then ship the item(s) back in their original (unused) condition with the original package. Once they are received & inspected, you will be emailed about your refund/exchange.

Sold by caliber (various mfg & primer color can happen). This is a mixed MFG pack. We can not always guarantee the same mfg/primer color for a complete order unless sold as such. However, we do what we can to make MATCHING PAIRS. If you need a full matching set or specific matching numbers, contact us so we can work that out for you.

If you want other quantities/antique/rusty or other shells not listed, please contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jim B.
50 caliber slices

I needed something different to add to my military style jewelry collection and these fit the bill perfectly, thank you.

Eugene L.
Just in case

I had no specific use in mind but I bought them "just in case". If I needed them later I would not be able to find them.

Linda S.
Bullet Slices

These bullets look authentic and capture the 'spent' bullet look ~ i use the to reclaim and redesign bullet jewelry and they are a great addition to my collection!


These are really great, most importantly they are exactly as advertised which is all you can ask for in my opinion!!! Good Stuff. Thanks Again


Awesome products like usual from Cartridge Commander

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